January 19, 2009

Remembering Kennan Garvey

My dear friend Maureen's brother died suddently a year ago today. Kennan Garvey was a wonderful man as you can learn from reading this article in today’s Washington Post that his widow Libby wrote (see link below).

What the article does not tell you is how much both Kennan and Libby Garvey have contributed to and improved our shared space. Together they served in the Peace Corps in Africa, and Kennan worked to improve our world through the EPA. Libby has been active in local government in her community. Both were active in their local Quaker meeting. Their shared values of family, faith, and community speak to those oft-quoted "better angels" of our nature. I want to be them when I grow up.

Today Libby wrote this article about the importance of tissue and organ donation on the 1-year anniversary of her dear husband’s death. Gentle readers, please honor the memory of this fine man by reading the article today and considering becoming a tissue or organ donor. (And don’t forget eyes, also!) In my state, this is a simple as checking a box when you renew your driver’s license. I have been an eye donor since 1973 and a tissue and organ donor since 1988.

To the Garvey family, I celebrate Kennan's life today, and hope that others will celebrate also by signing up to be an organ, tissue, or eye donor upon their death.


Quoth the raven.