February 9, 2009

Playing "Pick Up Sticks"

Life is getting back to normal, despite the constant chewing sound of chainsaws in every direction around the neighborhood. Friday I used a shovel to dig out a fifteen-foot gutter extender from six inches of ice and reattach it to a critical drain. I am not much of an "outdoorsy" kind of person, but wanted to get this done in the daytime before Husband came home for work after dark. We are expecting intense rain in the next week.
Like Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird, I'm not often seen outdoors and somewhat afraid the neighbors might report me to the police as some kind of eccentric wandering the neighborhood. When I was a child, my idea of going outdoors was sitting in my room and reading "The Secret Garden", a cherished book given to me by my Aunt Donna.
Sunday Husband and I played "pick up sticks" and the photographs above demonstrate our work as well as the tree that did not fall on our house or utility barn. For this we are most grateful. Quoth the raven.