March 19, 2009


About 1 a.m. husband woke me up because he heard a terrible racket on the roof. Sounded like Santa Claus had landed the sleigh with a double team of obese reindeer. Sure enough, when we went outside and husband shined his Mag-lite up on the roof, two beady, yellow eyes stared back.

As you can see, all the racket was made by this young raccoon, who looks adorable and cute (but in your attic, not mine). We are happy to see him go.

I named the Varmint “Scott Farkas” after the yellow-eyed boy in "A Christmas Story". When the Critter Roper came today, we learned that the raccoon is male and so the name will stick. “Scott Farkas” has been relocated to a Witness Protection program, probably somewhere in Kentucky. The Critter Roper assures us that it is a long way away and that the Beast won’t be back.

However, there’s a catch. There may be others. Stay tuned. Quoth the raven.