June 3, 2009

Pithy notes on Angels and Demons

We broke into our piggy bank and saw a real movie in a real theatre. I am always reticent to see a movie after I’ve read the book for fear that it will ruin the pictures my mind has created from the book. (For example, Gone With the Wind, while a wonderful movie, can never touch the depth of the book, and especially the role of slavery in the antebellum south. On the other hand, To Kill a Mockingbird holds fairly true to Harper Lee’s narrative in my humble opinion.)

While not giving plot lines away, just a few questions:
1. While Tom Hanks looks great in the pool and clearly shaped up for the movie, what in the world has happened to his hair? Plugs? A bad piece? His hair looked somehow disconnected to his very large head.
2. The explosion over the Vatican. Did Camerlingo fly the helicopter out of the first layer of the atmosphere without passing out? Wouldn’t an explosion of that nature blew up much of Rome AND the boot around it? And how could someone skydive out of an explosion? And land on the ground with every hair in place? Good hair gel?
3. While the woman who played the lead actress was new, wasn’t she an exact replica of the woman who played the least actress in The da Vinci Code?
4. How did Tom Hanks so easily follow the Bernini works around room? So the marble figure of an angel statuary points in a certain direction and Robert Langdon would say, “Yes, I know where it is, it’s the Church of Blah-Blah-Blah” and evderyone would run quickly over cobblestone streets and there would be a dead/dying priest at the next location. If our family was in that situation, using map or GPS, we would just end up in a Pizzeria Uno parking lot.
5. And finally, What’s the deal with the batteries on the Hadron Collider anti-matter portable carrier? Did they use Ray-O-Vacs? Every kid with a boom box (I'm dating myself) that you HAVE TO USE DURACELL. Guess that would have shortened the movie considerably?

Quoth the raven.