June 24, 2009

The Trail Not Taken

Always a media critic, I take umbrage with today’s coverage of the governor of South Carolina as a “tragedy”. Bat feces, as my father would say!

This is not a tragedy – this is a choice. Man cheats on wife. Man gets caught. Man – and his wife and children – live with the consequences. Infidelity is more the rule than fidelity in our society. Should we hold those who lead us to a higher moral standard? Or in the case of the media, a lower moral standard?

That’s an item on God’s to-do list, not mine
By no means am I advocating infidelity. What irks me is the “non-rush to judgment” of the media.

I also just heard famous former television anchor say (and I’m paraphrasing), that society should give the Senator a break. The Common Folk, again I’m paraphrasing, cannot possibly understand the pressures the Governor is under.

While I am grateful for people willing to put themselves “out there” to run for and hold public office, that comes with a cost. And that cost is public scrutiny of your actions. Unfortunately, the Governor’s actions lead to great pain for others, who will suffer consequences because of his choices. I say -- leave the man and his family alone -- his actions dictate the consequences.

That is the tragedy, not the fact that this man may not be able to run for President. Quoth the raven.