July 10, 2009

Climbing Up On My High Horse

Watch me as I struggle to climb up on that big high horse. A swimming club in suburban Philadelphia has banned children from a day camp that serves mostly African-American children. The club is located in a white neighborhood, and had a contract to provide services for the day camp. The club’s written statement yesterday said something along these lines, “the new group…..has changed the complexion of our pool.”

Today the club released a statement saying that the “pool was just overwhelmed by the number of children.” Give me a break!

Can this overt racism be happening in 2009? Unfortunately, it is.

People, we have to stop the hate. Let's teach our children better than this. And let's teach them about covert racism also -- the little snide remarks that people make to the side and we chuckle under our breath.

I am now ready to get down off that high horse (often people on high horses are easy targets for diarrheic pigeons.) Quoth the raven.