December 4, 2009

Turns Out Bridget Loves Bernice

Well, I'll be danged. Turns out that blond shiksa Bridget rejects the nice Jewish boy Bernie for a woman. Actually their marriage ended in 1990 and Meredith Baxter had two other failed marriages before she finally switched teams.

Of all the news stories going on this week -- escalation in Afghani-Nam, Elin Woods testing her wifely mettle with a nine iron, and Republicans passing memos in the Senate on how to distract and delay the health care debate -- this seems like a non-story.

But it reminded me of how things have changed. Somewhere between The Brady Bunch and Will and Grace, there was a sweet piece of fluff show called Bridget Loves Bernie. Much to the chagrin of her father, Bridget played by Meredith Baxter (then Birney) married out of her Catholic faith to David Birney (aka Bernie.) The weekly hilarity ensued over their so-called cultural differences and her relationship to her gruff father.

I stopped watching prime-time television about the time Frasier went off the air. I don't much see the point anymore, especially when you can watch something as compelling as Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel. She said wryly.

Good for Meredith. She finally "is who she is" and hopefully will find the happiness with her partner that has been eluding her. Just think of all the sit-com possibilities and future Matt Lauer hard-hitting, spell-binding real journalism interviews. Once more, she said wryly. Quoth the raven.