February 6, 2010

Old Clippings and Pictures

Going through a huge box of clippings and pictures from my mother-in-law is a joy. She kept a green scrapbook filled with articles about her family. I saw evidence that my husband did indeed speak at his high school graduation and made the "A" Honor Roll as a senior.

I learned that my mother-in-law was a great admirer of Bill Clinton, as she saved many positive clippings about him. She must have been a bit of a centrist, there was an article about "Gerard Ford Hospitalized."

Among the treasures are these three pictures. The one at the top is my mother-in-law as a child. She was the baby of four and this picture was taken in the late 1920s. The next picture is my mother-in-law at sixteen, probably about the time she married her husband. I love this picture -- she looks so flirtatious.

The final picture is of her father and was taken when he was a few years old. He was born 98 years to the day before our son. My husband's grandfather was very important to him and I was pleased to learn that his grandfather and his son share the same natal day. This is an interesting picture, because it is also a postcard and printed on heavy card stock. Lee Elvin Waymire was raised by relatives, according to my mother-in-law, because his family was too poor to care for their child. In the style of the day, he is wearing a dress.