February 11, 2011

Giving Voice to a Looney

Watching Chris Matthews tonight makes me crazy. He has been religiously replaying looney tunes Glenn Beck's audio and video clips of his apocolyptic visions. Beck is on some kind of rant about the "upcoming caliphate" and believes that our US Military under both Bush and Obama avoided bombing certain sites of "ancient Babylon."

Beck says this is due to wanting to preserve this area for an ancient caliphate to fulfill Biblical prophesy. I cannot even repeat any more because it is confusing and makes no sense.

Beck also ties socialism, communism, and the Muslim Brotherhood into one neat little package, all of whom are out to destroy the American way of life. Oh, let's not forget the radical left which Beck thinks is pretty much everyone except the views of the Roger Ayles Network.

Matthews, by repeating this crap, elevates the discussion and further legitimizes this crazy man. Tonight Matthews said something like, "I've never heard this kind of talk on TV before." I challenge that thought, Chris, turn the channel over to Pat Robertson or any of the evangelists and you'll hear all that kind of talk. I grew up in the Bible Belt and have listened to this end-of-the-world stuff for years.

How about the Senator, Chris, whose brother is breeding red heifers simply for use in the Temple of Jerusalem? Ever heard about that? It's all on the Google, Chris, along with all kinds of shocking things.

Poor Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post was gently trying to get Matthews to change the subject, but Matthews doesn't get it. Let's stop listening to Glenn Beck whose calling card is fear and ignorance.