June 7, 2011

Customer Service

Tonight I was minding my own business on a Big Box store website and a chat person jumped in. I copied and recorded the web chat. I thought it was very funny. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Welcome to our website.

Would you like to chat online with a customer service representative?

Please wait for a representative to respond. This chat may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes. Your average wait is 53 seconds. Thank you for holding.

You are now chatting with Peggy.

How may I help you.

We are remodeling our kitchen soon and I want to get my appliances from your store. I am starting to look for refrigerators and I want a moderately sized one with ice cube making capability but not water in the door. Stainless side by side with freezer on bottom.

Peggy Thank you for contacting Chat! My name is Peggy. May I have your name please?

Bea: It’s Bea
Peggy Hi Bea

Peggy Thank you for choosing our store.com, I will be glad to assist you with the information regarding the refrigerator.

Bea: Can you get filtered water for ice cubes in this one?
Peggy Bea, do you have any specific brand in mind?

Bea: I like XXX Brand first. After that I am not sure.
Bea: Prefer most of it to be made in US
Bea: if that is even possible

Peggy: Thank you for the information, Bea.

Peggy: May I know the capacity of the side by side refrigerator?
Bea: 25 or so cubic feet

Peggy: Thank you for the information, Bea.

Peggy: Please stay on hold for 2-3 minutes while I find this information for you. You may click on the below link to check out today's Deal of the Day item.

Peggy: Please click here

Bea: Don't really need an anvil pruner today, Peggy. And I don’t need men’s boots. But the metric wrench looks pretty interesting. Maybe I can use it on my NEW REFRIGERATOR.

Peggy: Thank you for your patience, Bea.

Peggy: Please click here to see item.

Peggy: Please go through the item listed on the above page, I hope you like it.
Bea: Okay, well first I can see that it has a dispenser and I only want ice and it isn't stainless steel. I mentioned both of these things in my first message.
Peggy: Thank you for the information, Bea.

Bea now clicking back and forth from Facebook, wandering away and losing patience.

Peggy: Please click here.

Bea: Thank you, Peggy. I’ll be printing this out and taking it to the store so I can see the item in person.