April 15, 2012

Women and the Stooges

Originally posted 1/1/11 and now reposted in honor of the new Stooges movie. Nyuk. Nyuk. Nyuk.

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    In an episode of the television show Cheers, character Sam is venting to Rebecca about the shallowness of his own life, a life that is ruled by his attraction to women. Sam tells Rebecca there is no aspect of his life that isn't driven by his desire for women.
    Rebecca says, "What about the Stooges?"
    Sam answers, "They're over at Cliff's house."
    Rebecca, "No, I mean the Three Stooges. Do women find that your watching the Stooges makes you attractive?"
    Sam, "No, women hate the Stooges."
    And Rebecca's point is made: Sam does have an interest that is outside his constant pursuit of the opposite sex.
    Last night I overheard a conversation at a New Year's Eve gathering between a young woman who is about to turn thirty and several other partygoers. She was reviewing her "list" about her potential Mr. Right. I don't remember all of them but they were specific, one of them was "must not like Nascar."
    This prompted a larger discussion in the room about what marriage is all about. Most of the partygoers were on marriage number two or three and offered this young woman some advice. Someone commented that "in my first marriage I wanted to change my partner, but I learned that is not possible." The married folks in the room agreed that learning to accept a person as they are is the gift to a successful relationship. Others added that a sense of humor and openness are the key.
    The young woman was not convinced, even when someone who cares for her reminded her that a potential partner might find flaws in her.
    On the drive home I reflected on my younger self who had such a list (see lyrics My White Knight by Meredith Willson from The Music Man).
    In addition to all that Beethoven and Shakespeare stuff of the song, I had one caveat: must not like Stooges. God I hated the Stooges. Especially Curly. Nyuck. Nyuck. Nyuck. And what about the later Stooges? I mean, Curly Joe. Are you kidding me?
    To my young friend I have to tell you. I changed my mind. Today is New Year's Day. I awakened this morning to my beloved making coffee and cinammon rolls. When I came into the kitchen, the television was on and he was watching The Twilight Zone marathon on SciFi while eating breakfast.
    I said, "It's New Year's Day. Why aren't you watching The Three Stooges marathon on AMC?"
    Damn, they are funny. We watched the one where they dress up like ballet dancers, female ballet dancers. There is a long segment where three real ballerinas dance.
    My White Knight said, "Can you imagine being those classically trained dancers who are working in a Stooges show?"
    To my young friend: there are possibly a few things that Herman may have had to put up with from me over the past two plus decades. (See every previous posting.) Open yourself up to the possibilities, my friend, and maybe go to a Nascar race this year!
    Happy New Year!!!
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