June 24, 2012

Old Photos I

These will eventually go up on FamilyTreeMaker with full provenance.  Here just for fun in one place.  Please note that all of these images are owned by me and copyrighted to me.  You must ask permission to reprint through email, amy@amyabbottwrites.com.

My father, with the brace, and his brother.  My father looks almost exactly the same.

My grandmother worked as a cook in this cafe in central Indiana.  The picture is absolutely fascinating and shows a number of products, including a Multi-Mix
(that's what made McDonald's famous!). 

My petite mother prepares for my first flight to Florida for Spring break 1958.  My father was taking seniors to New York and Washington on a senior trip and we went to visit my grandparents.  Note her formal dress. Note the size of the baby.

My paternal grandparents in the early 1930s.

My father as a toddler with his mother.

My father eating graham crackers at his grandparents.

Two aunts and a cousin.

Wedding picture and announcement for my great aunt.

Great aunt on left, great grandmother and her father on right (he's the one with the funky hat and glasses.)  He was a prominent Democratic pol in my home county in the late 1800s.

Paternal grandparents wedding picture.

Christmas card from my great grandparents to my grandparents.