July 24, 2012

When will we ever learn?

There is so much to grieve over in this world. Wars and rumors of wars. The future in Syria. Those starving and dying of preventable diseases in Africa. Young soldiers dying in Afghanistan.
I wonder about myself; I wonder why I took the shooting in Colorado so personally.  Our adult child goes to midnight premieres --- it is one of his favorite activities, getting together with friends and heading out in the middle of the night.  Some of them wear costumes, reminiscent of our generation's nights at "Rocky Horror Picture Show."  (Everybody yell "Chicken Shit" now....)
This Colorado shooting happened because one crazy idiot killed twelve people and wounded more than fifty others.  
The media will talk about this for days, and yet there will be little coverage about Afghanistan.  Media analysts say "the American people are weary of war news."
The politicians will give their sad, doe-eyed talks, and within a week everything will be back to normal, except for those families who had a hole shot in their lives early this morning.  And except for those whose young men and women fight an unseen enemy in the hills of Afghanistan. 
I am so sorry about the loss of life in Aurora, Colorado. It could have been my son, or yours.  I'm sorry that one "joker" chose to do this.  And I'm not happy about the availability of guns to pretty much anybody who wants one.
But where is the outrage about something we can control, the death of young people in Afghanistan?
Let there be peace on earth