March 12, 2009

An Angel on Earth

I added what the blog folk call a "gadget" on the right side. I will occasionally change this as the Spirit moves me.

Today I added a Bible verse from 2 Peter 2 after a visit with my friend D., who suggested this chapter as a meditation for Lent. D. is probably one of the most remarkable and spiritual people I've ever known -- visiting her is like getting a huge shot of adrenalin. In this chapter, Peter challenges us to put faith in action, which causes growth. My friend asked me, "What are you adding in your Lenten journey?" (I have given up real Coke and candy, which added lots of yearning, sugar-freak that I am.) But seriously, this visit caused me to think: what AM I adding to my life to grow as a person?

D. is a recent widow, her dear husband B. passed away last month after an 18-year struggle. He was a pastor and had a stroke the month before the couple's 40th wedding anniversary. D. appears to be a meek person, but when she opens up she looks directly into your soul and speaks from her heart. I've never known anyone to connect better. She was an elementary schoolteacher of third, fourth, and fifth graders, and still talks about that with joy! Surely she was one of those teachers that students remember all of their lives.

(Some people are never meant to be teachers. I once substituted for the pastor at Son's confirmation class. Thinking I was "with it", I brought a CD of Springsteen's The Rising to play before class. Son said, "Oh, Mom, nobody knows who Springsteen is!" BUT IT'S THE BOSS, SON, THE BOSS.)

Grace and peace to you, D., grace and peace. Quoth the raven.