March 15, 2009

Empty Cage Syndrome

The house has been unbearably quiet for nearly 24 hours since we drove the College Boy to the airport in Louisville after his spring break visit with us. We had such a nice time and we are seeing a growing maturity in him that is delightful. And he’s just fun to be around.

But the house may not be quiet for long.

The Critter Roper still has not caught the Varmint living in our attic. And the sneaky animal hasn’t been around for a few days. Or nights.

So the Roper set a little trap. He “duct-taped” (duct tape is the Handyman’s friend) the suspected opening in the eaves of our house, knowing that Yon Varmint would probably rip right through the tape. Right now we don’t know if the beast is in or out, and why he isn’t taking advantage of the tasty treats set out before him (and right on into the trap on the roof?)

I am ready for this evening. I have my long handled broom ready to tap on the ceiling. (What this does I’m not really sure, but it makes me feel better.) Bring it on, four paws! Quoth the raven.