February 14, 2010

Sock Monkeys and Me

It's a widely established (and published) factoid that I'm tetched in the head, and now we have more proof. People keep giving me sock monkeys.

Years ago our son had a sock monkey named Jocko and we treated him and talked about him as if he were a living, breathing being. I also have sock monkey pajamas.

Today as a Valentine's Day gift from a friend I received a "Sock Monkey Adoption Kit."

This is my second smaller Sock Monkey. This gift is different because it contains a Sock Monkey Handbook, including sections of Housebreaking, Separation Anxiety, Introducing New Siblings.

And jokes. Bad jokes.

Q. Why don't sock monkeys in the jungle play power anymore?
A. There are just too many cheetahs.

I also liked the section on "Safety Tips for the New Parents"....In order to keep your monkey safe and out of trouble, you'll need to monkey-proof your home. Lock all sock drawers, lock laundry hamper, lock all closets that contain dirty socks.

My cat Fala who is mourning the loss of his buddy, our cat Sisy, has found some comfort from the sock monkeys. Here Fala and the two Jockos relax on a pillow next to my desk.