March 16, 2010

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

Richard M. Nixon gave his famous speech "you won't have me to kick around anymore" and left politics forever in 1962. Six years later he returned to public life as President of the United States.

Now that was a famous comeback.

Today the Tiger Woods Machine under the new direction of former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer announced his big "return" April 8 at the Masters.

The media hype here is over the top. How can you call it a "return" when he's only been gone from the sport since November? Around the middle of the eleventh month, the National Enquirer reported that Tiger had taken his mistress with him to Australia. Soon we learned that she was just one of many porn stars and call girls in Tiger's little black book.

Don't get me wrong. Tiger is Big Business. When he stepped off his personal gangplank in front of his Orlando mansion Thanksgiving weekend, he took a lot of people with him. Including all the charities he supported. His employees and benefactors of his philanthropy lost out because his mistresses had a Tiger in their Tank.

Whatever happened between Tiger and his Norwegian born wife Elin is between the two of them, in my humble opinion.

But watch -- the big news this week isn't going to be health care.

Will he win the green jacket? Will Elin be at the tournament? Stay turned for All Tiger All The Time.

Quoth the raven.