March 16, 2009

Way, way, way too much time on my hands

. I want to show you a picture of Elmer Fudd pointing his gun at Bugs Bunny, because that is how I feel. Husband tells me its illegal to lift images off the Internet, so I won’t.

Offside Announcer: “In the Match of the Century…’s RACCOON versus post-menopausal, wild-eyed angry woman. And the raccoon appears to be winning this match of wits. ”

The Varmint Roper himself is mystified as to why he has not caught this creature. And to make matters worse – the four-pawed critter is somewhat insolent as demonstrated by this picture of his PAW PRINTS under the eaves. How can that bugger walk upside down?

“Come on out, you rascally waccoon.”
The Varmint Roper is using cat food as bait in the trap. Husband says that I should hard-boil an egg and have the Varmint Roper put the egg in the trap for the raccoon. (He’s telling me this and I’m thinking, “I wonder if the raccoon would like Eggs in a Basket, like they serve at Cracker Barrel?”)

Way, way too much time on my hands. Quoth the raven.